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[go67/97 for Android] Creating .pck files in a text editor?
08-09-2015, 08:43 AM
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RE: [go67/97 for Android] Creating .pck files in a text editor?
(08-09-2015 02:04 AM)lcwright1964 Wrote:  I mentioned also in email to you there must be something coded in the pck files to specify whether a "card" is protected, and whether it is white with black font (user blanks) or brown with gold and white font (factory manufactured software). That is a lot of info to pack into that header line, esp. if we must also account for display setting, deg/rad/grad, and flags...


According to the HP-67 manual the information in the header contains:
Quote:Besides the actual program memory step numbers and instructions,
the HP-67 also records the following information on a program card
on both the first pass and the second pass through the card reader:
1. The fact that a program (not data) is being recorded.
2. The fact that this is side 1 (or side 2).
3. Whether or not two passes are required.
4. Current status of flags FO, Fl, F2, and F3 within the calculator.
5. Current status of trigonometric mode (i.e., DEG, RAD, or
GRD) within the calculator.
6. Current display format of the calculator.
7. A checksum (a code to verify that the program is complete
when it is reloaded).

It should be possible to find the structure of the header by generating pck files with different settings.

I don't have the Go67 emulator, so I cannot test it.

Following the 7 digit header in line 0, 112 program steps are coded in lines 1-32
Every two lines represents a 7 byte register for 7 program steps. The 7 program steps are coded in reverse order in the two lines. The first program step is coded the last two digits in the second line.

For comparing the codes you can download the HP-67 table of program step codes


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