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RE: Astronomy...
(06-20-2015 07:18 PM)Marcel Wrote:  Hi Salvomic
We don't use the same technique for calculating the planetary position. I use the VSOP technique (Variation séculaire des orbites planétaires). In this technique, we use polynomials and series of DATA to obtain the heliocentric position of a planet...
I complete today two new functions for the location of Pluto. This is the year of Pluto because in 25 days, the probe New Horizon will arrive at Pluto. For this reason, I will post my astronomy app's just before that moment.
Good lock in your project, this is fun and we can use both programs.


hi Marcel,
yes, I'm using a different approach, following Bouiges: using the constants for planets, Sun and Moon...
About Pluto, my approach is very few, for now, as I'm using the old data (they were written in 1973...) and then Pluto was not completely known about Longitude, for example, so my program for now use some values as constant, like perigeo or longitude and anomaly...
You are right: we could now give more attention to Pluto.

However we could perhaps to search if some functions are common to the two programs and to find a common point of view...

Beside Pluto, in your program, I'm looking forward to see also the Moon functions, phases and so on...


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