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Brain Teaser - Riding against the wind
05-24-2015, 01:56 PM (This post was last modified: 05-24-2015 02:01 PM by CR Haeger.)
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Brain Teaser - Riding against the wind
Here is a short brain teaser that you can cogitate on next time you are out on a bicycle...

Question 1: Solve the puzzle "Riding against the wind" given here

Sam Lloyd puzzle - courtesy of Math is Fun

Question 2: Solve the puzzle again, but now with some additional assumptions included

- No acceleration or deceleration
- No up or down grade slope
- Riders power (watts) is constant in both directions and weight with bicycle is 100kg
- Wind is constant speed with air density = 1.28 kg/m^3
- Coeff of rolling resistance = 0.004
- Coeff of wind * Frontal area = 0.4 m^2
- Drivetrain efficiency = 95%

Question 3: What else can you determine about the rider, bicycle and/or wind?

Enjoy and remember your units...
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