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HP50g spins circles around the TI-89
05-01-2015, 06:56 AM (This post was last modified: 05-01-2015 07:00 AM by peacecalc.)
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RE: HP50g spins circles around the TI-89
Hello folks,

why such battles? microsoft against apple, hp against ti, prime against hp50g.

I'm sorry, it is a little bit annoying. A calculator is a very special hardware with a certain concept behind the build and construction.
Everybody here in this forum has certain needs for such a machine. Take the one which is best for you and be happy.

TI rules in nowadays the classrooms (CAS + graphic) together with Casio. It is up to HP to change it, if this is wanted by the management. A teacher e needs another machine as an engineer (or don't laugh: pupil or a student).

The highest obstacle for teaching mathematics with an CAS calculator (or software) is the human-machine interface (if the problems or input isn't too simple).
For this you have three problems: Easy and fast input (in my eyes only possible with a formula recognition program and a pen tablet-like surface). The second one is a human memory supporting output. If you use a CAS calc you must have a plan in mind witch reflects the starting point, the goal and on which way you want to go.
With easy and short calculations it is no problem, but if you need more steps for transforming mathematical terms, then it is a nice feature having a look back to former steps (with the hp50g you can simulate this with doubling the term before the next calculation, but better would be a scrolling screen). The last one is you have to learn commands and a syntax using this (and this is in my experience a difficult point for the beginners, because you have to understand a kind of meta-mathematics and which concept is behind the commands, especially when the output is not that one expected). So it is a need for standardized commands (with public concepts how they worked).

I suppose if a tablet (include an easy data transfer possiblity) has such features you can forget every CAS calculator with RPL or not.
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