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HP50g spins circles around the TI-89
05-01-2015, 12:40 AM (This post was last modified: 05-01-2015 12:48 AM by Marcio.)
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RE: HP50g spins circles around the TI-89
(05-01-2015 12:24 AM)Sukiari Wrote:  Let's face it - if there is to be a successor to the 50G it will be made by the community of RPL users, not by HP. HP has decided that the textbook aid market for middle and high school students is their market and this is clearly evident by the state of the Prime, its marketing material, and HP's attitude toward quality which is nothing like the old HP that gave us so many classic high-quality, accurate math machines.

Get another 50G while you can, but don't worry too much. The Prime can't do a whole lot that the 50G can't, and what it does is riddled with bugs and plagued by a half-assed, modal implementation.

Printer ink is much more profitable than calculators these days anyway.
Very sad but so true.

The Prime is not the engineering tool as the 50g is now. The difference, however, is that one is discontinued while the other is expected to get firmware updates for the next, say, 10 years to come? It's on HP hands what next updates will bring, and let's not forget that it took many years (more than a decade?) for the 50g to become what it is today.
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