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Microsoft Small Basic
04-24-2015, 02:52 PM (This post was last modified: 04-25-2015 12:58 PM by Namir.)
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Microsoft Small Basic
I recently discovered Microsoft Small Basic 1.1. The text/Windows based programming environment is aimed at young and new programmers. It supports several types of objects that allow you to write very interesting graphics game. I am still learning. Two days ago I discovered that the Sound object can play (with the possibility of stopping) mp3 music files!! So I went to work creating many apps that play music at random. In the process I was able to create an app that copies files from sub-directories and consolidate them in a single target directory. Thus, I was able to consolidate the musical tracks for an artist in a single folder and then play these tracks at random.

Microsoft Small Basic creates small .exe files that you can run separately.

Here is the main link to MS Small Basic. Also here is the link to the reference documentation. There are several books published for MS SMall Basic.

Here are a few programming features for MS Small BASIC:

1. Supports basically the variant type that can be an integer, real number, or string.
2. All variables and arrays are global.
3. There is no support for functions.
4. There is support for Sub procedure but they cannot have arguments. This will cause the need for convoluted coding to simulate Sub with pseudo-local variables and parameters.
5. The Text object which support strings has an adequate but not complete set of methods/functions.
6. Arrays are dynamic and can be multidimensional. You can index them with integers or strings.
7. There is a generous number of methods to support loading images and drawing filled and empty shapes.
8. Basic support for mouse and keyboard events in graphics mode.
9. Basic support for console input and output in text mode.
10. The File object supports methods to scan directories and folders. The methods for the File object are well coded and easy to use.
11. Support for a Stack object that helps in writing apps that scan nested sub-directories.
12. Support for shapes than can be drawn AND moved. These are in addition to the static lines, circles, rectangles that you can draw.


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