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Made a new program for the HP 11C
01-09-2014, 07:22 AM
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RE: Made a new program for the HP 11C
(01-08-2014 09:36 PM)vma Wrote:  Regarding the storage arithmetics, I honestly did not have time so far, to read the relevant pages of the manual. I know it can be done, but I am/was not sure how to do it exactly. I left it for later improvements.
This is basically what you can do on a 4-banger with M+. But you can use all arithmetic operations and any register. The equivalent of STO+ 0 in C is: r0 += x

Quote:I do appreciate A LOT that you have linked me to the source code part, where primes are tested! This is simply GREAT! I knew about more advanced algorithms like the Miller-Rabin, but honestly, as a non-mathematician (just a simple engineer), it is a bit dry to read and understand.
Writing a program often helps me to unterstand a complicated algorithm. The HP-11C is one of my favorite models though it doesn't provide fancy stuff. But it can still be used to solve challenging problems or implement Bairstow's Method.

Quote:Meanwhile I started to hack a simple interpreter for my HP-11C source code, so that it is easier to program for the HP-11C. It does run the prime code v2 so far, but lots of other functions of the calculator are missing. The goal is not to do a HP-11C simulator (there is the perfect nonpareil emulator for that), but to do a simple interpreter, that allows easier and quicker development of the algorithm/code. When (if) it is finished, I can share it, in case someone is interested. Don't expect much, though...
You might be interested in Effective Computer-aided Calculator Programming.
In a nutshell: it allows to write programs for the voyagers in a text editor and load them in the Nonpareil emulator.

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