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current 50g displays
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RE: current 50g displays
(03-17-2015 01:24 PM)Wes Loewer Wrote:  Thanks for the info.

Actually, I have a Prime and it's a very good calculator. I would definitely recommend it to my math students over a 50g. But for my own use, I find that I'm more efficient on the 50g for general calculations. (Can't beat the Prime for graphing though.) I've got years worth of custom menus and custom key assignments (click, double click, long hold, shift long hold, shift double-click, ...) that I'd really miss if my 50g died. (I've already performed three "surgeries" on it to keep it going.)

For my physics students, I'd recommend the Prime even more if it could natively display vectors in polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates like the 50g does (and like the Prime does for complex numbers with the Shift-X key --- that's really nice).

I just figured that with the current prices and uncertain future availability, now is the time to get that backup 50g.

You seem to have a more sophisticated use of the tool than me and I know how it feels to change. I used to have a 15C and with the light speed 15C LE it was even more difficult to envisage a change. Now I have to confess that the 50G is a very nice toy but for the work I do, a 35S is more than enough just because it is somehow more specific. I find myself more efficient on the 35S while the smallest thing on the 50G requires a lot more key strokes. Somehow I found that it compares to the Prime for the lack of efficiency...
Having current unit conversions immediately accessed on the 35S keyboard, different bases and easy coding is really all I need; also the size is better (though smaller would be even better). 50G is extremely fun to use but I'm not sure I'll ever be quick on that one. To be fair, when things become a little bit more complex, I switch on PC. So the calculator is more like a reliable keyboard, clear screen, small shape and as much as possible of all the things I need with one (max 2) key strokes.

I dream of a virgin calculator kit that you would completely customize to your needs. E-Ink for keys and board, total freedom for keyboard definition, a number of libraries you can upload to customize it exactly to your needs... I'm sure that is possible with nowadays technology.
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