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Table capability?
03-12-2015, 05:44 AM
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RE: Table capability?
(03-12-2015 02:46 AM)lrdheat Wrote:  Already wrote and use programs that increment up and down with presses of r/s using increments of 1,.1,.01. They work fine. This method only shows the user 1 result at a time.

What I was after was the ability to display 2 results at a time by taking advantage of the 2 line capability of the WP 34S. Each new r/s result appearing on the main bottom line, bumping previous result up to the top line (where the imaginary part of a complex number is displayed).

Just write your programs so that the two results you want to display appear in the X and Y registers, and turn on the "YDON" mode. Then each R/S key press will display two results instead of one.
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