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WP34s flash technical erase procedure
01-29-2015, 09:10 AM (This post was last modified: 01-29-2015 09:11 AM by walter b.)
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RE: WP34s flash technical erase procedure
(01-29-2015 08:54 AM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote:  ... the only 'change' I might suggest for the manual is a clarification on 'when' the 30b loses its brains during the 'erase' power-on reset sequence. The manual is clear that upon exit the flashing will have replaced the 30b firmware. What needs to be clearer is that although you can run the (erase, power on, reset) sequence as many times as you want (and here is the rub) if your flash cable is talking to the 30b then your 30b firmware is GONE after the very first complete (erase, power-on, reset) regardless of whether the flash occurs.

Hmmh, please let me quote the WP 34S manual, p. 253f:

"WARNING: Flashing your HP-20b or HP-30b will erase the firmware present on your calculator – your HP business calculator and its contents will then be gone. Its firmware will be replaced by the file you downloaded and its RAM will be cleared. Thereafter you will have a WP 34S RPN Scientific – i.e. your calculator will react as documented in this manual.
This also means your calculator will not do anything useful for you after step 6 and before step 9 is successfully completed in the procedures described below.
(This text is printed in red there as well. Emphasis added.)

So, what do you want me to write more? And guess why that button is called "ERASE" by HP?

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