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RealCalc by Quartic Software UK
01-21-2015, 08:13 AM
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RE: RealCalc by Quartic Software UK
(01-21-2015 06:58 AM)Paul Dale Wrote:  Get a WP 34S and feel the keys again.....

I have been interested in the WP34s for some time. When you first began the project I thought it was a joke (sorry) but I am impressed with how far y'all have come with it. I have not used either of the 30b or 20b models... and having not handled a repurposed unit yet I'm not sure how the overlay works, which model the overlay works best on, nor whether there is really any significant difference between the keys of the 30b vs the 20b.
I would not mind trying it out. Have you guys made any more progress on an Android version (QT?) that might run on my phone?
I use gnu/linux exclusively these days; so, if the flashing software only runs on windows I won't be doing it (don't flirt with windows any more, she's history).
Do you guys pre-flash the WP34s?
Is there gnu/linux flashing software? Will flashing software run in wine?

Thanks again for the reminder on the WP34s... its really a cool community project... very proud of you guys. I'll give it some more thought... but I'm still very interested in the virtual RPN idea and whether that is going to get some steam in your opinion. I realize that your emphasis is going to be on the WP34s and for good reason.

nice to meet you, Pauli.


Kind regards,
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