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2015's calculator anniversary - the SR-52
01-05-2015, 07:51 PM
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2015's calculator anniversary - the SR-52
This year on September 16, the 40th anniversary of the SR-52 will arrive. In many ways, this large brick of a machine was groundbreaking and under-appreciated today (IMO).

Consider the value brought by this machine at the the time compared to the HP 65 (which I also love)... for 1/2 the price:

1) Line numbers - try editing on the HP 65 - it is painful!
2) 20+ memories - compared to 9. More memories in fact (STO 98 and 99 work). In total, you can have up to 50 STO and RCL friendly memories.
3) Indirect references - with 20+ memories, this finally makes sense.
4) Insert editing - made things much easier than on the HP 65.
5) Available printer.

Yes, I am aware that it has many shortcomings:

1) Mechanical - have one with a working card reader? I don't!
2) Functionality - No FRC or INT, no OCT or DEC, etc. Some things are missing.
3) Size. This thing is a giant!
4) Mechanical - see #1

But, it did bring to market some great advantages at the time for budget minded people. It was my FIRST programmable. I bought one used for $70 in 1977.

Three cheers (ok perhaps just two) for the SR-52. Without it, who knows if the HP 67/97 would have been as good as they were. :-)

More info on undocumented features can be found here:

SR-52 features
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