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newRPL: inexact numbers
12-29-2014, 05:32 PM
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RE: newRPL: inexact numbers
In the other thread about symbolic numbers, the trailing dot was used to specify "exact" vs. "approximated" numbers.
This same concept can be used to achieve what this thread was proposing: if any operation comes up with the "inexact" flag, its result will be an "approx." number, which will be displayed with a trailing dot.

The result of any numeric operation will be an "approx" number if either:
a) The result of the operation has the "inexact" bit set
b) Any input to the operator is an approx. number

2 INV --> 0.5 (exact)
2. INV --> 0.5. (approx)
3 INV --> 0.33333333. (approx)

Since this had to be implemented for the CAS to work properly without an exact/approx. mode, the overhead was already there.

I already implemented it and is being tested.
Next demo will come with this feature.
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