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When to use clbin41 with emu41 ?
12-05-2014, 12:24 AM
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RE: When to use clbin41 with emu41 ?
(12-04-2014 10:36 AM)mstram Wrote:  Greetings all,

I've been lurking for a few weeks here, while playing with the emu41 and v8 emulators. Sadly, I have no real hardware (yet Wink

I've successfully converted some of the mod's from the v8 program to run on emu41, using the CLBIN41 utility, and the MODFileWin.exe and some guesswork for the INI file entries.

After reading a thread here on the forth41 system, and downloading the files, I now have that system running. I see that the forth/emu41 INI file is specifying a ROM file rather than a BIN (CLBIN41) file.

I was trying to get the Zenrom mod running using a BIN file, but with no success. After reading the Forth thread, I changed my INI file to use the zenrom.ROM file, and it's now working on emu41 !

So without reading through all the source for emu41 / clbin41 (which I will do eventually), what is the short answer (if there is one), on when a MOD file needs to be converted to BIN, or can be run as a ROM file in emu41 ?

I have the SDK41, and have been reading various other technical pdf's (Inside the '41 .. Mcode for beginners), but I haven't "unravelled" it all yet.

A week ago, I hadn't even heard of the HP-41 Wink


Wow, you're a quick study! I think you've found the right place though... if there are answers, someone here will have them within a day or two. Have fun, participate and soon you'll be part of the amazing set of folks that share here.

--Bob Prosperi
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