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User Defined Variables within SOLVE Application
01-15-2014, 10:09 AM
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RE: User Defined Variables within SOLVE Application
Hi Terje & Carl,

Thank you very much for your comprehensive suggestions/examples & sorry to take a while to respond.

The fundamental (some might even say basic problem :-( ) I experienced at the beginning with the SOLVE application was that despite creating the multi-letter user variables before hand, when I typed them into SOLVE they were treated as separate variables. It did however dawn on me the day after I wrote the original post that the way to insert multi-letter (or letter-number) variables in equations within SOLVE was to press the VARS key & insert them from there instead of typing them in. This has worked fine & I've since used it many times.

Have now created quite a number of customised SOLVE applications with multiple equations & am still astonished by the speed of the PRIME which seems to be many times faster than my HP 50Gs. However, I have discovered some limitations in the SOLVE algorithm that I've never experienced in the HP 48 or HP50 series before (using their multiple equation solvers). I'll write a separate post on this as there are many things to like about the SOLVE implementation on the PRIME & it would be great if we can keep improving it.

In the meantime I hope this basic information on how to insert user defined variables helps others.


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