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12-01-2014, 07:40 AM
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If you post just the front cover and the edition notice (or copyright page) of any manuals you will only be posting just enough information so the rest of us can track down the publisher to buy our own copies. I do not mind paying for the manuals, but at the moment I can not find enough info about the companies that produced the cards to ask them if they will sell an e-copy or allow me to make my own copy of any manual I can eventually lay my hands on.

Also, I am interested in finding out more about these companies as their history is part of the HP-48GX story. The postings on this forum that have been made so far is the most comprehensive list of cards made for the HP-48GX I have seen to date, and as such it is becoming a useful resource in itself. So if you have a card that has not been mentioned to date please also add a post.

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