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XCAS vs Prime
10-20-2014, 01:36 PM
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XCAS vs Prime
A few questions...

If we find a bug in XCAS, can we assume the same bug exists in the Prime CAS? And vice versa? I know this is not a simple question; but how similar are they? I remember a few instances on this list where a CAS bug got fixed and the author mentioned he applied the fix to XCAS as well.

Could you provide us a list of the parts of the CAS that need the most testing? If we're putting this device through its paces, might as well work on the most pressing needs first.

I haven't worked more than a few minutes withing the XCAS GUI, but it seems like that might be a more efficient place to find bugs if you can create "workbook" like calculations where each calculation builds on the preceeding work and you can save your work to test later.

I don't have much need for XCAS on the PC, as I have other programs I use, but if switching to XCAS for a few months will improve the Prime, I'm willing to put in some work.

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