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about the proot command output
10-05-2014, 09:39 PM
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about the proot command output
The proot command in the Prime inputs a list, say p, and outputs a list, proot(p), whose items are the roots of the polynomial whose coefficients are those of the list p, with 1st item in list equal to constant coefficient, and so on.

Is there any rule as to how the roots are ordered in the list proot(p)? Sometimes I get real numbers first, sometime complex numbers first. For example,
proot([1 -2 -4 4 -5 6])=[3. 1. -2. -i i])
proot([1 -2 -4 4 -5 7])=[-2.74e-2+1.03*i -2.74e-2-1.03*i 1.07 -2.01 2.98]

Also, related to input, how does the CAS Setting INCREASING affect the order of the input list of coefficients?

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