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50g resources
10-07-2014, 08:23 PM
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RE: 50g resources
The 50g also has support for USB and an SD card. Note that you need a SD card and NOT an SDHC. I believe that in practical terms this means a card with 2GB or less. That may seem small but it's enough to hold the entire contents of the 50g programs from RPL programs are SMALL!

I'd keep the 48g manuals. Having jumped from a 41CV in 1981 to a 50g in 2005(?), I found the manuals to be terrible. The printed manual that came with the 50g was more like a quick reference guide. I was completely lost trying to read it. The larger Guide is better, but everything is explained in RPN and algebraic and soft menus and choose boxes, so it's very verbose.

Speaking of algebraic, the first thing you'll want to do when turning it on is switch to RPN mode. Press MODE then +/- to change change RPN mode. Press F6 to save.
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