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HP-71B Startup Time - ROM Differences
09-11-2014, 12:57 PM
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RE: HP-71B Startup Time - ROM Differences
(09-10-2014 06:36 PM)Dave Frederickson Wrote:  While we're waiting for test results...

An update:

All command combinations have no effect.
Removing HP-IL module, power-cycling 71, and reinstalling HP-IL has no effect.
Another 71B (ROM 1BBBB) behaves normally when plugged into the same loop configuration.
Loopback cable installed, followed by RESET HPIL, OFF IO, DISPLAY IS * has no effect.
Real-time clock is keeping time normally (since 4-hour timer plays with RTC, thought I'd check)

Later will proceed with more drastic steps resetting RAM, etc. but my conclusion is this has nothing at all to do with HP-IL, and the memory config has somehow been wacked in a strange way.

I wish I had a Diag ROM to check with, but I suspect it's more of a software induced issue. If it were a hardware issue, I don't imagine it would work fine after short periods of being off, have delays after a long time off, and then run properly once started. Does not feel like hardware to me, but I welcome opinions from more knowledgeable folks.

Thanks Dave and Cruff for comments and suggestions.

--Bob Prosperi
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