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Wireless Set and sending to one or to many
08-05-2014, 09:20 AM
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Wireless Set and sending to one or to many
With wireless set it is possible to send a message or a poll one or more connected calculators, depending which of them are selected in Monitor Pane (to All if none is selected).

Same seems to go for Notes and Programmes: they can be send at will to all or some connected student calculators.

Exam mode is started in all connected calculators regardless if they are selected or not, I gather.

But how, for example, can I set Real variables A,B, and C to some set values on some or all calculators at once? I could manipulate variables one-by-one on each individual calculator (using connectivity Kit calculator pane), but that's less than ideal. Is there a better way?

Another interesting observation with notes is that right-clicking on a calculator in a Monitor Panel allows to sent a regular message to this calculator, but the message doesn't appear on the Messages panel log.
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