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Trying to fix a HP 50g
10-01-2022, 04:11 PM
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RE: Trying to fix a HP 50g
Sharing developments.

The marks on the LDO 1 and LDO 2 chips were not useful.

Searching online for AMFCL references on a SOT23-5 package, I found it to possible be a XC6501A46AMR-G chip, which would be a 4.6V LDO - Doesn't make sense!
For BBFCJ, the result would be a RP107N391D, that is, a 3.9V LDO - also, doesn't make sense!

Since in LDO 2, I have 3.3V, it leads me to believe that LDO 1 is a 1.8V LDO, since these are the voltages that the CPU needs.

I exchanged LDO 2 for: TLV73333PDBVR and LDO 1 for: TLV73318PDBVT

Success ! the calculator came back to life.

However, the work is not finished yet, as several keys do not work. Everything leads me to believe that the origin of the damage was due to liquid damage.

I've removed all the screws from the board, but it still doesn't show any signs of wanting to come out. Has anyone removed the HP 50g board and keyboard, if so, any tips?
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