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DM32 Prototype Unboxing and Introduction (HP 32Sii upgrade)
09-20-2022, 06:32 AM (This post was last modified: 09-20-2022 06:33 AM by Vincent Weber.)
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RE: DM32 Prototype Unboxing and Introduction (HP 32Sii upgrade)
(09-19-2022 11:36 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  the code for SwissMicros products are not open source or available, with the notable exception of the DM42, since that was based on Thomas Okken's excellent Free42 application, which is GPL2 licensed, thus requiring derivative products also make their source available.
From this I conclude that DM32 does not reuse Free42 core portions, for instance for the SOLVE and INTEG algorithms, and that DM32 was written 100% from scratch.

I admire this effort. Free42 took years and years of tireless development. And the equation parser of Plus42 took a lot of time too.
But if I have to trust a simulator, I will have to test it to the bone. Like Joe in your video, Bob Smile the 32SII is reasonably simple, but some part are quite complex, like SOLVE, INTEG, and the Fractions handling (do flags 8 and 9 work as expected in the second version of the ROM, not the first, btw?). The devil is in the details... I think giving us some clues about these algorithms, their limitations and their behaviour on the edges, would be great to build this trust. I am quite amazed that nobody asked this question in the video...

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