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Biorhythm Calculator
05-28-2022, 11:28 PM
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RE: Biorhythm Calculator
(05-28-2022 05:45 PM)matalog Wrote:  I don't have the calculator that the article refers to, but on page 46 it mentions how to use dates in a different century by using 3652500 in register 5 and using the different date format suggested. Does that not work in this century?

You can try

The program kind of works for this century but, even for the 1900s, it doesn't deal precisely with leap years. Instead it assumes that every February has 28.25 days. It may do additional corrections but at the end you get an approximation, actually a fractional number, for the number of days between your birth date and today. In my case it was off by 0.6 days which is not bad at all.

I was surprised they could do it within 50 steps. They can't quite but their approach seems like a good compromise.
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