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How to solve this non-linear system of equations?
07-02-2014, 05:54 PM
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RE: How to solve this non-linear system of equations?
Quote:Use Advanced Graphing to fint initial solution.
Then use the applet Solve to find the exact solution.
I didn't know how to use that App. I always plot functions inside the Solve app, but it didn't let me plot several equations at the same time, lol. Thanks.

(07-02-2014 05:15 PM)parisse Wrote:  You can not use conditions for multivariate systems with approx coefficients, you can only give an initial guess, and if it is not far from a solution, fsolve will return a solution up to machine precision. Your solution does not seem to work by the way:
fsolve([eq1,eq2],[x,y],[11.3,302.5]) returns [-3.39546756307,313.410392968]
(with degree mode)

So if coeficients were integer numbers I'd be able to use conditions for multivariable systems? Interesting.

I just typed in fsolve([eq1,eq2],[x,y],[11.3,302.5]) and it returned [11.316938475 302.475831894] which was the answer I was looking for ,but if I first have to plot the system, then it could be faster if I just Trace-found intersections on Advanced Graphing.

Anyway, thanks guys you helped me a lot.
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