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HP82143A Rollers
09-18-2021, 06:29 AM
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RE: HP82143A Rollers
(09-17-2021 11:38 PM)cesarb94 Wrote:  Thanks for the feedback Neve.

No problem.

(09-17-2021 11:38 PM)cesarb94 Wrote:  About the mechanism differences, what is the SN on yours? I have a 2105S and a 1954A, and despite some housing and assembly differences, both have the same print mechanism, shown in the pictures.

Best regards.

The serial number on this particular one is 2547S. The main differences are:
The white spiky wheel that I see on your document is different on mine. It’s black, and the blades are not at a 90 degree angle, they are up straight.
Also, the black hard plastic that holds the actual printing head has sort of a long tailpiece at the bottom that almost immediately hits the ledge of the assembly when you try to tilt it back to remove the axe with the rollers. If you try to force it, it’ll probably break. This makes it harder to remove the axe. Let alone putting it back. I had to carefully tweak it sideways and squeeze it in behind the head holder. The extra thickness provided by the newly installed O-rings added to the difficulty. But I finally managed to do it. Tilting back the head holder would have been much easier and straightforward, had I been able to do it that way.

See picture. Maybe it’ll be clearer.

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