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Python script caused prime reboot - beta 2021-4-27
04-30-2021, 05:26 PM
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RE: Python script caused prime reboot - beta 2021-4-27
(04-29-2021 10:32 PM)tcab Wrote:  
(04-29-2021 07:50 PM)froehlic Wrote:  But with your code I have also a problem. I get the trace back error and my is empty. Every new code will be cleared by changing to Num Console. But I had no reset.

So the reformat trick won’t help with the damage that my particular code has made, right?, and the only way out is to make another copy of the Python App and delete the broken app. Unfortunately I’ve already messed up my original Python app and ‘resetting’ the Python app doesn’t help. I wonder if I can get a pure copy of the Python app from somewhere and get it into the calc somehow?

I wonder if re-installing a firmware would help?

P.S. What is CFO Reset? And what does format C affect - the entire user data or just Python user data?

No, your code causes damage. But I think, that's a general problem. So for that you don't need to install the newest FW.
The CFO Reset: Turn your prime off. Press and hold the keys C + F + O (no Alpha needed). Now turn it on, release the On key but still hold CFO and wait until you see the "EA656 Diagnostic" menue. Here you have several test-options and the possibility to format the flash memory (with 4. FLS Utility). This format C: clears all like the format on a Win PC. You will loose all programs, variables, functions, matrices, lists, ... Be sure to have a backup of your work. The FW is resident, you have not to reinstall that. After the format you will reset from the diagnostic menue and the prime starts complete empty with standard apps and the FW you installed last.
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