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What has the DM41 extra over the HP42s?
11-11-2020, 09:41 AM
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RE: What has the DM41 extra over the HP42s?
Logan wrote:
Quote:I think it's fair to point out that you specifically compared the DM42 to the DM41x keystrokes though Smile

Fair point, Logan. But then it is fair as well to assign the PROMPT command to a key what I did in a new version of the comparison.

Massimo Gnerucci wrote:
Quote:But you can shave 1 keystroke on every 41 for each STO, RCL, CF, SF, LBL, GTO, XEQ... etc, followed by 01-10, by using the keys on the first two rows, rather than the digits (i.e. STO TAN rather than STO 10).

Thank you Massimo. I did not know about that possibility. This will save me some time in the future. I have included it.

Attached you will find a new version using these shortenings. The result is 449 Keystrokes for DM41X and 542 for DM 42.



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