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Store Calculation History (like Documents in Nspire)
06-12-2020, 09:05 PM
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RE: Store Calculation History (like Documents in Nspire)
The Prime is basically Xcas on a mobile device with an incredible screen that is mounted upside down.

Imagine you buy the new Excel by HP!
You are working on a problem, building some formulas, but it is complicated and you want to save your CAS work and continue your ideas another day. With Excel by HP you have to connect your computer to a server and backup the whole machine. Want to resume your Excel work? Restore your computer!
You have finished your work and produced a nice graph. Want to save your graph and show it later to your friends? No problem, you can save a complete instance of your Excel-App. But HP saw this is weird and they updated their Excel: With the command Afiles you can make a screenshot of your graph which is then saved as a bitmap somewhere (nobody knows where because there is no file system). But your Connectivity Kit will find it for you.
All things that are not standard (solving triangles or TVM) and have to be saved require you to write a program. Of course it is not VBA nor RPL nor Python. It is HPPL, basically Pascal-like, very easy to use and to read. But beware if you use some commands in upper case or vice versa and unpredictable things will happen. It's like wave-particle duality. Sometimes it's calculator and sometimes it's Xcas.

The Prime is Bernard Parisse' wonderful CAS on an incredible hardware. But the underlying calculator concept is HP39gii which is rather dull.

When I see 'reviews' showing how fast the Prime is compared to its competitor I can only smile.
Sorry, I'm rambling
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