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Assorted WP-34S beginner questions
07-21-2014, 11:27 AM
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RE: Assorted WP-34S beginner questions
(07-21-2014 10:08 AM)sa-penguin Wrote:  A search of the trunk for "COS" shows it in commands.c xeq.h complex.c but I'm blessed if I can find where cosines are actually evaluated.

All user functions are listed in commands.c. Looking at the COS entry there:

    FUNC(OP_COS,    &decNumberCos,        &cmplxCos,    NOFN,        "COS",        CNULL)

This means that the opcode is based on OP_COS, the real version of the function is decNumberCos, the complex version is cmplxCos and that there is no integer version (although the automatic defaulting will take place I think and use the real version here in a very uninteresting manner). The function name is COS and there is no alias for this function for the assembler.

From this, it is straightforward enough to search for decNumberCos which lives in decn.c

This is the same process I use to find many functions. I don't remember where they all live, although I can often guess it is faster to look in commands.c first.

- Pauli
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