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hp41cx named variables in extended memory
02-27-2020, 08:21 PM (This post was last modified: 02-28-2020 02:41 PM by Artur - Brasil.)
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RE: hp41cx named variables in extended memory
(02-27-2020 03:50 PM)David Hayden Wrote:  
Quote:Its the only way I can write "literate" code in the 41 that lets me set the project down and stand a chance when I come back to it.
If your goal is more readable code then I know there's a 41C compiler that runs on a PC and lets you use names instead of register numbers (numbered labels too?) So you can do things like:
define COUNTER 01
; Count the numbers from 1 to X
LBL 00
GTO 00
I don't recall the name offhand.
Great, David, but as you told, this compiler runs on a PC, so, it's not portable as my 41CX. I'm making one for 41 with X-funtions and X-Memory on 41CX. Even if it does not add too much in importance, it is beeing a great adventure make it!

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