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I received good news today
01-30-2020, 04:26 PM
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I received good news today
Today was a good day, because not only did I open my DM41X beta from SwissMicros and start playing with it, but I also got received some other good fortune.
In Mid July there was a fire in my office building. I was unable to gain access to the building, so all of my personal effects have been
in an unknown state since. I knew that there was smoke and water damage in my office but I did not htink there was any fire or
heat damage in the particular location. Today I was to gain unknown items from my office. There were numerous electronic items
that we unsalvagable, but I was able to get a lot of my possessions back in good shape, including it appears all of my calculators that I
had at work. I had no good reason to have the number of calculators at wark that I did but if anyone would understand it would be the
members of this board. I have a few that won't turn on due to (hopefully) dead batteries, but I will test them soon. There were several
SwissMicros (DM42,DM41L,DM15L,DM16L), HP41CX, HP42, HP32SII, HP50, WP34S, a few other HPs and TIs that I thought were gone forever.
Happily I have them back.

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