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TI Nspire ii (non CAS)
12-31-2019, 09:02 AM
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RE: TI Nspire ii (non CAS)
(12-23-2019 08:01 PM)lrdheat Wrote:  How complete is the complex number support on the non CAS TI Nspire ii ? If one takes ASIN of 2, does it throw an error, or display the complex result?

TI-nspire CX II (non-cas), OS ver 5.1.0
In Real Mode asin(2) pops up an error message box that says:
Quote:Non-real calculation

For example, if the software is in the Real setting, √(-1) is invalid.
To allow complex calculations, change the "Real or Complex" Mode Setting to RECTANGULAR or POLAR.
and then returns: "Error: Non-real calculation"

In Rectangular, Radians mode, it returns 1.5707963267949-1.3169578969248*i

In Rectangular, Degrees/Gradians mode it pops up an error message box that says:
Quote:Domain error

An argument must be in a specified domain.
and then returns: "Error: Domain error"
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