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"The Digital Computer Laboratory of the University of Illinois has a three-fold program which is concerned with research in the field of digital computers, with maintenance for University use of a high-speed digital computer, and with teaching of design and use of digital computers. The preparation of programs for the Illiac is the responsibility of the person who wishes his problem solved. But since each prospective user cannot always attend the courses on programming offered by the University, it has seemed desirable to help make it possible for him to learn the elements of Illiac use by himself.
The result has been this book, first issued in March 1954, which makes use of two years of experience in operating the Illiac for University research and several years of experience in the teaching of programming. Many of the chapters were used in preliminary form as supplementary material in Mathematics 385, the basic course on programming, and the book is now used as standard course material.
Like most of the work of the Digital Computer Laboratory, this is the result of a group effort by many different people … Other members of the Laboratory staff read the material and offered valuable criticism …"

The Preface from ILLIAC PROGRAMMING, A Guide to the Preparation of Problems For Solution by the University of Illinois Digital Computer (rev 4e, SEP 1956)

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