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Programming Pad for RPL Programs
05-21-2014, 03:38 AM
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Programming Pad for RPL Programs
In a thread in another area of the forums earlier today there was brief discussion about ontaining HP Programming Pad pages for an HP-65. The upshot there, to me, was that several (many?) people still use program pad sheets to develop and document RPN code. (brief parenthetical note: this was a bit of a relief as I was fairly sure I was the only one that stll used these...)

Anyhow, has anyone created a custom programming pad layout for writing RPL programs, and if so, could you share a copy?

Building non-trivial RPL programs always takes lots of stack juggling, and a structured format would help the design, debug and documentation efforts.

I've made prototypes of simple pad layouts in the past using Excel, which basically are just matrices with lots of columns for the items on the stack, but I'd really like to see other folks ideas of how to do this.

--Bob Prosperi
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