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Custom Units and Menus - CST
08-21-2019, 04:33 PM
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RE: Custom Units and Menus - CST

This is an excellent start! I was able to add kg, and then intuitively hit 'Shift' and then m3 to get kg/m3.

The next step would be to build in all the units I'm used to using.

One potential issue I see tho is that this appears to be its own program environment. Again, being the newbie that I am, I believe I get back to the calculator (RPN mode) by hitting the House key. When I do that, the numbers with units I've entered disappear.

How do I get those numbers with units back to the calculator so I could, for example, use them in an equation? That'st the next step for me is to figure out where the Equation Solver is in this thing. I do use that reasonably often on my GX.


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