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200LX, 17b, 19b - Solver Problem?
06-29-2019, 11:29 PM
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RE: 200LX, 17b, 19b - Solver Problem?
(06-29-2019 10:56 PM)Dave Britten Wrote:  Is there a simple test case for said bug? If so, I can give it a quick test run on my 200LX. So far, I haven't run into any solver anomalies on it, but I haven't used it as extensively as Don and his 17BII, for example.

Though I've found many over the years, I don't have one at hand; I likely would not have documented a formula that failed, I would have moved to a known good machine (17B,17BII,19B,19BII, 27S) and then moved along. For a (short) while, I could remember the exact offending sequences, but eventually I simply heeded Don's advice, and just reach for a 17BII when using the Solver.

While far from simple, I suppose the above equation is a likely candidate, but that's pretty long and tedious for a quick test.

--Bob Prosperi
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