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[VA] Please Help with Windows strange problem
06-22-2019, 07:12 PM
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[VA] Please Help with Windows strange problem
Hi all,

Sorry for "intruding" your weekend but right now I'm experiencing a strange problem with Windows and I'll appreciate your help. Details:

- running Windows 7, two monitors, not connected to Internet, antivirus active and up to date

- plug in one of my backup external USB hdds and proceed to copy a whole folder to the desktop by dragging the folder icon to the desktop 2nd monitor

- nothing else running at all, just Chrome open and minimized but I'm not connected to the Internet, and also Task Manager minimized as well

- the copy dialog appears and says it will take 20 min to copy the 9.000 files in the folder

- the copy proceeds Ok , with me clicking every so often on "More details" to briefly see how many files remain to be copied and then hiding again the details

- mid-copy I notice that Task Manager is minimized, so I restore it to foreground (everything seems ok) and terminate it to help the copy speed

- when just 60 seconds remain I show details once more and hide them but I notice that in the background the icons in the desktop have refreshed unexpectedly to me. As this happened frequently with Win XP I don't specially care

So far so good but the copy ends, the copy dialog disappears, the copied folder icon (which initially appeared in the main monitor though I dragged it to the external second one) gets moved to the 2nd monitor, and here comes the strange problem, all the Direct Access Links in the Desktop have now a little traffic Stop sign where the little arrow used to be !!!

It seems as if the direct access links are now forbidden but I've checked and tbey seem to work ok, accessing the file or folder they linked to and the icon itself is correct save for the little Stops on it. Also, all 9000 files were correctly copied to a folder in the desktop and their checksums match with the originals.

Now for the help:

1) do you have any idea what may have caused this ? Apart from me noticing the refresh, there's been no error or warning or message of any kind. Could dragging the folder icon, which was in the first monitor, to the second monitor have anything to do ? I usually work with both monitors.

2) May it be a symptom of something worse waiting to happen if I ignore it an go on working ?

3) How do I get rid of the little Stop signs and restore the little arrows back. ? Is there some way to Refresh or Restore all the icons at once or at least one by one ?

I've googled for it but couldn't find even a single reference to this problem with the little Stop signs, so I think the many extremely knowledgeable gurus here will be able to help me understand and correct this problem as quickly as possible, as I was in the middle of preparing something for the benefit of HP calc community and having to stop now will be problematic.

This is my main system as two others I used unexpectedly died, so I fear continuing to use it till the problem is understood and solved lest things go catastrophically wrong. Better safe than sorry.

Thank you very much in advance. Smile

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