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Custom RPN Calculator for Prime
06-10-2019, 01:46 AM
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Custom RPN Calculator for Prime
Like many, I struggled making the Prime my regular calculator for every day use and the point of this thread is not to revisit all the reasons but rather to present my effort to do something about it. With the latest implementation I feel like I could use this full-time now.

Today I submitted an update to a previous version I had submitted to and should be available on that site once it is updated. I have also attached the file to this post.

I don't think my implementation will be something that will work for everybody but curious to get some feedback, good or bad.

What this app can do:
- Store variables to HVars and have them show up in the menu where they can be recalled, overwritten or purged
- Assign units to values and then convert to another unit with a single touch event.
- Manipulate the stack with key shortcuts and menus like many of us are used to from 50g
- Undo last action

Shortcomings of the app:
- Unfortunately the Prime does not go to sleep when an app is running, so user must exit app to prevent battery drain or have calculator plugged in while in use
- Limited unit supported, this was created for what I typically use the calculator for and thus includes angle, distance, area and volume units. The system could be expanded to other units but not sure how well it would scale with all the available units.
- No support for lists, vectors, etc. This is a pure number cruncher and not a full replacement of a fully developed RPN/RPL calculator.

The source code is included as a TXT file for anyone interested.


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