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CMT71-64E HP-71b eprom module questions
04-27-2021, 02:23 PM
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RE: CMT71-64E HP-71b eprom module questions
(04-27-2021 06:01 AM)dmh Wrote:  I've just come into possession of one of these modules and I'm in Australia also.

It's labelled "SURVROM V1.0" so not useful to me as is.

Did you find anyone locally who could program for you?

Who's the next closest outside of Australia who would do this? :-)

What should I get loaded onto this (given I have a FRAM71B and a MultiMod already)?

TIA, dmh

I've programmed several EPROM's for Forum members over the years and I'm located in Southern California.

I don't see a module in HP-Collection's database with that label. Is it 32k or 64k?

As far as what to put on the EPROM, here are some suggestions.

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