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Speed of HP-15C LE - and it's capabilities
05-25-2014, 08:36 AM (This post was last modified: 05-25-2014 08:39 AM by Tugdual.)
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RE: Speed of HP-15C LE - and it's capabilities
Tested the same problem with the Hp Prime.
Ease of development: much much easier than 34s or 15C, no question about that. Using lists and a few other convenient functions took me less than 1h while on the 34s it took me days of painful debugging. Also when you read the source code, there is a chance that you understand something while the 34s and 15c are quite challenging.

Speed: Prime is the big big winner. 1'51s to find the result! Amazing. You cannot even compare with old gen calculators.

Comments: here again the Prime demonstrates how powerful it is. Still I would use a 34s or 15c on a daily base. Definitely a matter of concept. The Prime seems to be lost somewhere in between a small computer and a calculator, demonstrating a lot of power and programming ease but not convenient for daily calculations.


EXPORT permutations()
   local t,v;

   // Initializes the list of digits

      // Evaluates one combination
      if 1-v==0 then 
   until next_permutation()==0;

// gets next permutation
LOCAL i,j,k,v;

while(1) do
   if L1(i)<L1(j) then
      while(L1(i) >= L1(k)) do k-1▶k; end;
      // swaps item i & k
      // reverse from j to end
      concat(sub(L1,1,j-1), reverse(sub(L1,j,9)))▶L1;
      return 1;
   if i==1 then
      return 0;
end; // while
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