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(41C) … Grain Misalignment …
05-13-2019, 10:27 PM
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(41C) … Grain Misalignment …
An extract from A Model for Grain Misalignment in Cylindrical Port Motors, US Army Missile Laboratory (Propulsion Directorate), TECHNICAL REPORT RK-84-4, APR 1984

This report presents a mathematical model of the geometry of the propellant grain of a cylindrical port motor cast with a misaligned mandrel. Also presented is an HP-41C calculator program which incorporates this model, and an example demonstrating the application of the misaligned motor geometry.


The mathematical model presented in this report has been incorporated into a program for an HP-41C calculator. This appendix is intended to provide all the information required to install and operate this program. This program, when installed on an HP-41 calculator system, will prove to be a useful analysis tool. The program as presented will provide the user with a convenient and accurate method for evaluating the geometry of misaligned cylindrical port motors. The following provides complete operating instructions, a set of sample problems, and a listing of the program. Also provided is all the required storage register and calculator status information needed to implement the program … Table A-1 provides a step by step key sequence required to operate this program.

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