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HP-65 - card reader with WB wave noisy - FIXED and RESTORED
05-07-2019, 10:41 PM (This post was last modified: 05-13-2019 09:26 PM by albertofenini.)
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RE: HP-65 - card reader with WB wave noisy - FIXED
Guys we fixed it ...
We "borrowed" an Anode and Cathode drivers from an HP45
We wanted to have one more keyboard to test and we recovered the one received with some spare parts a couple of week ago,
basically is the one from which we removed the drivers because it was heavily corroded.
We didn't transplanted back those chips since we wanted to keep at least a proven working keyboard.
We had cleaned it with water and vinegar and it was came out fairly cleaned.
Once we have installed the Anode and Cathode drivers and assembled the unit we had it working, reading and writing.
Apparently the two keyboards are very similar but have different version numbers
The one working is marked 00065-60201 and has the following numbers 4321 C-1314-61
The one not working (WB noisy) is marked 00065-60201 with the following numbers 3351 B-1314-61
We have inspected the latter very carefully and there are no evidences of broken traces, oxidation or anything else
Seems absurd bat it was in very worst condition the one that we received and now is in place
So I'm assuming that with old hybrid (this machine is a 1333A serie) only a certain type of keyboards are fully compatible.
We have now to do all the aesthetic restoration and we will try do document it as much as possible
Thanks again for help !!!!

Below you will see the keyboard we used, before the cleaning process
and the two keyboard, the one with the gold domes was the one giving the erratic behavior


Edoardo & Alberto
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