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Is the Swissmicros DM42 still supported?
04-28-2019, 12:23 AM
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RE: Is the Swissmicros DM42 still supported?
(04-27-2019 10:57 PM)zeno333 Wrote:  It has been 20 days since the last Free42 update that had changes adding functions to the Free42 that would also effect the DM42 functionality...Is the DM42 actively being supported and updated??..Just wondering...

As has been explained by SM, more than once, they issue new releases of DM42 periodically when they have accumulated several changes, that may include bug fixes, DM42 enhancements, DMCP enhancements, etc. which can include Free42 updates that Thomas has released since the last DM42 release. They do not automatically plan a new DM42 release every time Free42 is updated.

Are you really wondering if SM may have stopped supporting the DM42 simply because a whopping 20 whole days has past since Free42 had an update and DM42 has not been updated to reflect that change??

Perhaps you're just trolling, and that would mean I fell for it I suppose, but really... get a life. Maybe write some Free42 programs that use features from the latest version of Free42 so that when the DM42 update with the new features finally is released, you'll be all set to test it out and verify it works.

--Bob Prosperi
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