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So.. any improvements RPN-wise ???
03-24-2019, 09:35 PM
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RE: So.. any improvements RPN-wise ???
(03-22-2019 11:02 PM)cvicisso Wrote:  I have to say that I am very-heavily biased towards RPN. I used it extensively in college (many years ago!) and it influenced my very recent decision to get the HP Prime (G2) for my High-School son, who has ZERO experience with RPN but I wanted it to be an OPTION for him (if I could somehow convince him of its superiority!).

Now that I've actually USED the Prime, I have to say that I probably won't even try to make him try RPN (although I will remain true to RPN myself). The ability to manipulate the stack in textbook/algebraic mode mitigates many of its inherent disadvantages (IMHO). For me, although I didn't realize it until now, RPN was really mostly about the stack. Who knew? Smile With the Prime, you can simply arrow up (or TOUCH!) and grab and use anything from the stack you want. And you still have the historical stack of equations (or whatever) to reference (it's more like a copy/paste). It's wonderful!

In summary, for the RPN purists, you can still RPN your little heart out. No - not in CAS mode. Jeesh. If you are 'new' and want to give RPN a shot - that's an option too... with the ability to use textbook/algebraic when you want. Either way - you can manipulate the stack. I love it.

Excellent post! Agree 120%!

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