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48GX serial comms (Mac)
02-09-2019, 03:40 PM (This post was last modified: 02-09-2019 03:49 PM by cdmackay.)
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48GX serial comms (Mac)
hi all,

I've just picked up a 48GX, which I'm liking very much; keyboard & screen seem much nicer look/feel than my 50g (which I also like, but the keys are so hard & clacky).

I've successfully transferred back and forth to my Mac via serial, but I wondered about “best practices,” in particular:

• XMODEM or Kermit? The manuals don't seem to express a preference, other than Kermit being the default.

I've read lots on conflicting guff on their various merits, which seems often to come down to implementation. What do people recommend I use, given I have an apparently capable serial app on the Mac that does both? Obviously I'd favour data integrity over performance.

• any tips on the best mechanism for a general calculator backup regime? On my 50g I use both the native ARCHIVE prog, and the ARCHIV prog, to create backups to flash & SD card (after a RCLF), and periodically dump the SD card onto my computer. What's good for the 48 via serial?

thanks very much indeed.

edit: removed question on transfer rate; didn't realise 9,600bps was the maximum

Cambridge, UK
41CL/DM41X 12/15C/16C DM15/16 71B 17B/BII/bII+ 28S 42S/DM42 32SII 48GX 50g 35s 30b/WP34S Prime G2
& Casios, Rockwell 18R :)
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