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12C vs 11C program, 11C not working
12-16-2018, 03:07 PM (This post was last modified: 12-16-2018 07:47 PM by calcphil12c11c.)
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12C vs 11C program, 11C not working
Hello this is my first post here. Have a program that convert Liters to Gallons and displays this as a negative number all the time. This works on my 12C.

I downloaded the 11C app from RLM tools and this is great. I changed the 11C program to have LBL instead of GTO's and it does not work the same. Here are the programs.

HP 12 C

02 3
03 .
04 7
05 8
06 STO 1
07 X
08 CHS
09 R/S
10 0
11 X exchange Y
12 g X less than or equal Y
13 CHS
14 RCL 1
15 g GTO 07

HP 11C

01 f LBL A
03 3
04 .
05 7
06 8
07 STO 1
08 f LBL E
09 X
10 CHS
11 R/S
12 0
13 X exchange Y
14 f X less than or equal Y
15 CHS
16 RCL 1
17 GTO E

The 12C program works just fine. GTO 00 and input a number, convert to liters and display a negative liters. Input new number press R/S. The answer is checked to be negative and if yes just keep it negative.

The other program converts Gallons to Liters and shows a positive number all the time just remove line 8 (for 12C) or line 10 (for 11C) along with a new constant in STO 1.

Again, the 12C program works, the 11C program does not.

Same code, just change the GTO's to LBL and GTO.

What am I missing?
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