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TI-36X Pro—Replace the batteries or just get a new one?
09-10-2019, 06:02 PM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2019 06:20 PM by jlind.)
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RE: TI-36X Pro—Replace the batteries or just get a new one?
(08-25-2019 01:56 PM)ijabbott Wrote:  
(08-25-2019 08:42 AM)jlind Wrote:  The discussion about the TI-30X Plus MathPrint has piqued my interest. I need another scientific pocket calculator like another hole in my head. If it were about 3/4" shorter I'd be more likely to buy one.

If you do, make sure you get the Pro version rather than the Plus version. (The "Pro" version is feature compatible with the TI-36X Pro and TI-30X Pro MultiView. The "Plus" is the cut-down features version.)

The 30X Pro MathPrint arrived yesterday. It's a bit taller than I was hoping for, but it's smaller and a little thinner than the current Nspire CX II CAS and Prime G2 CAS. I chalk that up to the real estate consumed for the LCD and solar panels above the keyboard - noticeably more than that on my vintage 1995 36X Solar. Played with it a bit last night and this morning and I'm impressed. Ran a couple of benchmarks on it and they're right up with what has been posted by others. Even ran the VBlogMag numeric integral test from -6 --> +6 (versus 0 -->6) and it still was under ten seconds. Then I cranked the Epsilon error allowed from 1x10^-5 down to 1x10^-13 and it didn't change the time required much, if any. No difference in precision of answer, and this calculator one has two hidden guard digits (12 total; displays 10). Blazing fast compared to the TI-36X Pro's 108 seconds that VBlogMag clocked. Much more attractive in style. Thinner and lighter. The only thing I don't care for and it's not a deal breaker, is the snap-on cover with its top and bottom tabs that stick out. A sliding one like that found on the graphing calculators would be nicer and make for less height.

Discovered the "back story" behind the very recent creation of the TI-30X Plus and Pro MathPrint. Seems the 30X Plus MultiView could be hacked with a couple of keystrokes converting it into a full-blown 30X Pro MultiView, something that was eventually discovered by the educational powers that be in Bayern and Baden-Württemberg after no doubt the 5th year and above students had known this for some time. The two German "states" had banned test and exam use of calculators capable of:
• Numeric derivatives
• Numeric integrals
• Numeric equation solving, and
• Polynomial solving

The Plus MultiView didn't have these capabilities, until the simple Shazam! key press hack was discovered that unleashed its super-powers. Didn't sit well with the authorities as one couldn't distinguish between banned and permitted calculator models. TI announced it was fixing the "exploit" in a revision of the Plus model about two years ago. Issue with this was obvious. One wouldn't know which revision of a 30X Plus MultiView they were looking at unless they pulled up the "about" screen, looked at ROM and H/W revision numbers, and remembered how to distinguish the new from old. I get visions of the famous scene of Danny Kaye in The Court Jester thinking about it:

TI then quickly changed course announcing the new 30X Plus and Pro MathPrint in new, rectangular and thinner cases. No confusing these with their predecessors. Excellent decision by TI, but still wonder why these haven't been released in North America - even if it's under a 36X badge to remain consistent with 30 in Europe vs 36 in North America. If the OP changed the batteries successfully versus replacing his, he should still think about getting this one.

Thanks, Ian, for mentioning this European gem.



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