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Riddle me this: Usefulness of calcl
08-10-2018, 11:51 AM (This post was last modified: 08-10-2018 11:53 AM by Maximilian Hohmann.)
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RE: Riddle me this: Usefulness of calcl
(08-10-2018 11:07 AM)pier4r Wrote:  ... "oh the calculators are slow". ...

No no! Not "the calculator is slow", but "using a calculator to solve engineering/science problems is slow". I know quite a few physicists from my amateur astronomy circle. They all use Matlab on their PC or notebook for the kind of calculation one used to do with a calculator 30 years ago. Because by simply typing in your problem it will already be programmed and stored. Two keystrokes more and instead of a single value as a result you will get a two or three dimensional diagram. Which, with another two keystrokes, you can copy-paste into your document editor where you write up your paper, together with the equation you typed in to start with and which will appear in perfect typesetting in your paper as well. Ten minutes of work which would take an hour or more even with the most sophisticated CAS graphing calculator. And engineering is much much worse. There are few problems which can be solved with a single equation. And even if a single equation would suffice, this has to be repeated one hundred thousand times for every rivet in the fuselage and wing of your new Airbus...

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