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High-resolution Photos of Prime & Packaging
08-11-2018, 03:38 AM
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RE: High-resolution Photos of Prime & Packaging
(08-11-2018 03:12 AM)Carsen Wrote:  Ugh...That HP 48GX creates some envious feelings inside of me. It's so clean. Great album

"Good things come to those who wait." (Which is a nod to patience.) I purchased that 48GX on EBAY (where I also purchased the 128k FRAM card too, allowing me to install Meta Kernel) after spending many months watching listings and writing to sellers. It came with the HP branded case too. It's 99% perfect. The 1% of imperfection is very difficult to see, but if you download a full resolution photo and look at the top of the 8, 9 divide and 6 keys, you can see some faint scratches (again, very hard to see in normal use). The only only very minor blemish is a very subtle dent (almost impossible to see) just under the screen on the angled bezel (high above but between the B & C keys). You wouldn't notice these things if I hadn't told you. But when I was searching for a pristine 48GX, I noted every single blemish and made my purchasing decision accordingly. The only thing better than what I have would be if you could find a sealed 48GX still in the box, which are rare indeed and most likely would sell for more than you or I would be willing to pay.

I bought the FRAM card because I wanted a 128k card for use with Meta Kernel that didn't require me to use a card-battery. I actually found that EBAY sell in these forums, contact him, and he listed a card so I could buy it back in 2016. He currently doesn't have any on EBAY right now. Apparently, he makes them himself. It's quite nice, although it wasn't cheap.

Anyway, keep your eye on EBAY and contact sellers constantly. Eventually you will come across a near perfect gem like I did.
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